A fire which broke out aboard the Zim Kingston was caused by a container collapse that damaged boxes containing dangerous cargo. A spokesman of the Greek owner: ‘Late at night on Friday around midnight local time, the Zim Kingston was in the Strait of Juan de Fuca awaiting to proceed to the port of Vancouver when extreme weather caused an excessive listing of the vessel resulting in the collapse of containers which were lost overboard’.

The 4,253 teu vessel, on charter from the Greek owner, was at an anchorage awaiting a berthing slot at the port of Vancouver when a storm caused a severe list. This caused the loss of some 40 containers overboard. However, the damage to other containers caused by the falling boxes was said to have ignited a fire.The fire on board the containership ZIM Kingston is reported to be stabilized and the ship secured, “There are currently no impacts to human health for residents of Greater Victoria but Incident Command continues to monitor the situation,” the Coast Guard reported on Twitter.

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